Here at Olympic Party & Custodial Supplies we stock a wide variety of products from multiple manufactures. What ever your needs are we are confident the products that we sell will help you to get the job done and save you time and money.

Floor Finishes

  • Untouchable - With SRT (scuff resistant technology) Excellent black heel mark resistance. Durable, extremely low odor, eliminates the use of aggressive floor pads. Used in Schools, Universities & airports
  • Hybrid - Provides long lasting shine, fits low to frequent maintenance programs, for heavy traffic environments. Used in Grocery, Retail, Healthcare & hospitality
  • Hard As Nails - Our most durable floor finish. 50% harder film than other industry leading finishes. Use anywhere buffing and burnishing is not part of your maintenance program. 


  • Floor Sealer - Acrylic sealer designed as a base coat for all water based floor finishes
  • Sure Cure - Water based urethane sealer and floor finish. This product can be applied over new and old concrete, slate, quarry tile terrazzo and marble. Not for outdoor use.


  • Unlock - No rinse floor stripper. Can be diluted 1:12 with cool water for light stripping or 1:5 for heavy stripping
  • Extreme - Low odor high power stripper. Unlocks the chemical bonds of acrylic and urethane fortified floor finishes. Dilute with cold water 1:12 for light stripping or 1:5 for heavy stripping.

Floor Cleaners

  • Green Earth Peroxide Cleaner
  • PH7
  • Top Flight
  • Ultra 2000
  • GT Cleaner - For wood floors

Disinfectant Cleaners

  • PH7Q
  • AF79

Carpet Care

  • FiberPRO Extraction Cleaner
  • FiberPRO Bonbet - Bonnet shampoo concentrate
  • FiberPRO Foam Control