Finding the right glove for the right task. Polyethylene is a inexpensive loose fitting single use glove generally used in the food service industry. Vinyl gloves are the next step up. Still inexpensive but fit a little looser than latex or nitrile. Generally used in the foodservice industry they are also used in the cleaning industry. People that are allergic to latex will usually use vinyl gloves. Latex gloves are our most popular glove. Latex will have more stretch than vinyl and have a longer cuff. Nitrile gloves have the fit like latex but will be more resistant to chemicals and will have better puncture resistance than latex. If you need to take it up one more notch our Nitrile 8mil exam glove is used for extended wear times. At OPC Supplies we stock powder free Poly, Vinyl, Latex and Nitrile gloves from Ammex Corporation headquartered in Kent, Washington. If you don't see what you're looking for just give us a call and we can special order for you.

Poly Gloves

  • PGLOVE-L - Polyethylene food handlers glove large 100/bx

Vinyl Powder Free

  • IVPF42100 - GlovePlus general purpose small 100/bx
  • IVPF44100 - GlovePlus general purpose medium 100/bx
  • IVPF46100 - GlovePlus general purpose large 100/bx
  • IVPF48100 - GlovePlus general purpose extra large 100/bx

Latex Powder Free

  • TLF42100 - GloveWorks general purpose small 100/bx
  • TLF44100 - GloveWorks general purpose medium 100/bx
  • TLF46100 - GloveWorks general purpose large 100/bx
  • TLF48100 - GloveWorks general purpose extra large 100/bx

Nitrile Powder Free

  • INPF42100 - GloveWorks blue general purpose small 100/bx
  • INPF44100 - GloveWorks blue general purpose medium 100/bx
  • INPF46100 - GloveWorks blue general purpose large 100/bx
  • INPF48100 - GloveWorks blue general purpose extra large 100/bx

Nitrile 8mil Exam Powder Free Non Sterile

  • GPNHD66100 - GlovePlus blue heavy duty 50/bx
  • GPNHD68100 - GlovePlus blue heavy duty 50/bx