Garbage Can Liners

Garbage Can Liners

Garbage Can Liners.  At Olympic Party and Custodial Supplies, we have in stock a large selection of can liners for every use.  We serivce industrial, commerical and local small businesses as well as general conumers.

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Low Density or High Density?  How do I choose?

Linear Low Density Can Liners

A linear low density can liner is typically used for heavy or wet garbage.   It is more puncture resistant than the high density can liners.

Our low density can liners are popular across the board due to their durabilty.  They prevent accidents that would result in spills or leaks.

They cost a bit more than the high density liners but our clients feel they are well worth it.

  • 15x9x24  1mil Clear Gusset 500/cs
  • 24x24  .8mil Black Flat Seal Bottom 500/cs
  • 24x32  .8mil Black Flat Seal Bottom 500/cs
  • 15x9x33  1mil Black Gusset 500/cs
  • 16x14x37  1.5mil Clear Gusset 250/cs
  • 33x40  1.5mil Black Gusset 250/cs
  • 33x40  2mil Black Flat Seal Bottom 200/cs
  • 20x13x40  1.5mil Cleat Gusset 250/cs
  • 40x46  1.2mil Black Star Bottom 4rl/25ea/cs
  • 40x46  1.5mil Black Star Bottom 10rl/10ea/cs
  • 23x17x48  2mil Clear Gusset 100/cs
  • 40x48  1.6mil Black Flat Seal Bottom 100/cs
  • 43x47  2mil Black Star Bottom 100/cs
  • 21x15x60  2mil Black Gusset 100/cs
  • 26x23x50  1.5mil Clear Gusset 100/cs
  • 25x24x53  4mil Clear Compactor Bag 50/rl

High Density Can Liners

High density garbage can liners provided by Olympic Party and Custodial Supplies are popular choices for light office garbage.  When your waste loads are typically not wet or heavy, you have no need for the heavy duty linear low density can liners.

These are a more economical choice.

  • 24x24  6mic Natural 20rls/50ea/cs
  • 24x33  8mic Natural 20rls/50ea/cs
  • 30x37  16mic Natural 20rls/25ea/cs
  • 40x48  16mic Natural 10rls/25/cs